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Teaching and learning are 2 of my great passions. I am very interested in technology, computer science, sales and science.
For most of my career I have been training staff, but I have also done so specifically in both retail and commercial teams to major brand events.
I see myself trained to train on any subject. It only takes willpower and a desire to learn.


I have done commercial work all my life and that means more than 20 years. I have mainly worked with companies, both in recruitment and managing portfolios and also doing advisory sales. I have been in front of the understood public selling cars and mattresses.

Tecnical profile

I can say that I have knowledge of web programming (I made this website) and a good level in the office package, not only word, excel, powerpoint ... but also in Teams, Sway or Power platform (Automate, Apps and BI). Able to use a multitude of applications (eg Adobe package) to work with DB and CRM.


I have led sales teams on several occasions. From the hiring of sales people, onboarding, through training to functional development within the company.
I am used to setting goals, working on results and measuring KPIs.
About me

I am a responsible and compliant person.

I like to listen and reflect before doing things so I consider empathy to be one of my values.
I like people, I like teamwork and I like short-term goals and long-term projects.


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I am currently looking for a new project to join and I can do it tomorrow!

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If after what you've seen you think I can fit in with your project and philosophy ... Give me a chance!
Let's do an interview!


I want to be part of a project, not just a job. If we fit in, he will have a faithful companion for this adventure.


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